Why Leaders Must Choose Their FIGHTS

Have you ever heard the adage, Leaders must be able to pick, and choose, their battles/ fights? Unfortunately, I have discovered, in my four decades of identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to, thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, as well as serving in the capacity of a leader, several times, we often think of a leader, like we do, a sports hero. In other words, these people are not super – human, but possess the same frailties, weaknesses, etc, the rest of us do! Often, the difference is, the most effective leaders, are those, who maintain and possess the discipline and ability, to remain calm, when others, often, panic! Failing leadership often occurs, because an individual over – reacts, rather than carefully, picking and choosing, his FIGHTS.

1. Face facts; favorable: Unless someone begins, with a willingness to be realistic and face the facts, he is challenged, to be able to effectively address what needs to be done. Focus should be on the priorities, goals, concerns, and needs, of one’s organization, and stakeholders, rather than on mere, emotional considerations! Proceed by always asking yourself, what should be done, to achieve the most favorable result and situation!

2. Ideas; ideology; integrity; intentions: Avoid empty rhetoric and/ or meaningless, unfulfilled promises! Be the creator of quality ideas, which align with the ideology of one’s group. Understand your true intentions, and always proceed with a commitment to maintain absolute integrity, rather than prioritizing popularity, or the easiest paths!

3. Goals; generate goodwill; growth: Are you goals in sync with, those of your organization and constituents? How will your actions generate goodwill, and lead to the growth, which relevant. sustainable groups, need and require?

4. Head/ heart; heal: Do you, merely, tend to disagree, or feel challenged, or are you the type of healing leader, groups need? One will generally avoid, battling, for little purpose, and consistently, still, fighting for the right reasons, when he proceeds, with a head/ heart balance!

5. Traction; timely: While failing organizations often lose their focus and way, relevant, sustainable groups, assure the finest results, by persistently gaining traction, one – step – at – a – time! While decisions should be well – considered, there is always a need, for quality, timely action!

6. Stronger; sustainable system: Before fighting, always consider, if it is a matter of preference and ego, or if there is a necessity, in order for the organization to become stronger, and more relevant. Perhaps, the most important consideration, is, creating, developing and implement, the best – possible, sustainable system!

Maintain an open, fair – minded, approach, and listen carefully and evaluate, before resisting! Will you pick – and – choose your battles and FIGHTS, and be certain you are proceeding along the best path?