When Tears Flow for Another’s Success

OVERCOME with emotion, difficult as it was to see the letters typed onto the screen of my Surface Pro, I was so very thankful.

Having just returned from taking a very special friend, basically an extension of my family, someone I’ve been a pastor to, and a person we’ve become connected with; his family and our own family – a kinship. We’ve very much travelled a unique journey together over the past nearly two years. We’ve had such significant losses to deal with; the centrepiece of such losses occurred on the same date – no coincidence; a God-incidence. We’ve faced the worst together, and met the best side by side.

This very special young man goes to England to play professional basketball in the British Basketball League. And yet to know his journey and the setbacks that he’s dealt with, he is a walking miracle of God’s grace – a fine young man in any guileless person’s standard. A man of faith and character.

So, as I prayed in departures before we said goodbye I thought nothing of emotion, until I was walking away. Then God showed me a vision! Back to a time two months earlier when his doubts were more certain that this dream-come-true was actually happening. And still, in the present moment, so thankful to God were we both, with his mother and father and all his dear friends, for the fact that this moment had finally arrived.

When you invest yourself in another person’s life it’s a labour of love and you never expect anything in return. Serving is its own reward. But then when they do succeed in ways you or they couldn’t anticipate you’re blessed in being overcome with gratitude for what you feel for the fact of their success.